August 2017

Greetings from Paraguay!

In July…we were blessed with work! The month was chucked full with a wedding, seminar, teaching or preaching on some of the Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, meetings, counseling, hospital visits, community workday, two funerals, regular office hours…need to catch a breath? It was a busy month, but sharing the Word of God and his love made it pass with much joy!

**The Hola Club Children’s Hospital:

During the month of July, we visited the children’s hospital 3 times. We were able to minister to 226 children and adults during these visits. There were 127 parents and other adults that chose to pray the prayer of salvation with us.


*Dolia introduced herself to a father who was sitting with his son. As is her custom, Dolia presented the salvation material to the man and began to talk about the Word. To her surprise, he interrupted her saying that he knew what was in the information! He went on to say that he and his son had been at the hospital a couple of weeks ago. While putting his son’s medicine in the dresser stand, he found a copy of the information. The mother of the child in the next bed told him that he should read the information, it would help him. He proceeded to read and study the pages, liked what he read and decided to take it home with him. He smiled and said he had read the scriptures every day to his family. He, his wife and all of his children have prayed the prayer... in fact, they pray it every day and they all can quote all of the scriptures from memory! The Word is working on its own!

*With tears in her eyes, Aurora told of a little girl who was crying and suffering to the point her mother didn’t know what to do to help her. Aurora said she just began stroking her, praying quietly, asking Father God to intervene in the situation. By the time Aurora was ready to move to the next room, the little girl had quieted, improving to the point that the mother stood amazed.

Please join us in thanking God for his Word that speaks for itself! Pray that entire families will be touched and changed by the words we share. Pray for the children, so many are sick because of the ever changing temperatures and smoke from open burning.

**CEB Church:

*Saturday, July 15, the CEB Church joined 408 churches around the world in a community: ‘Serve Day’. A group of all ages gathered together to tackle an overgrown, trash filled empty lot. The owner lives in Argentina; his elderly family members, living across the street, couldn’t keep up with the maintenance, due to the fact that others were dumping their trash on the property. With the many willing hands, we were able to cut, drag, and bag a mountain of trash. The men hauled off several pickup loads of tree branches and we filled around 60-large trash bags with years of collected ‘stuff’. To our surprise, Jerry only had to kill one poisonous snake. We even straightened and cemented the leaning street sign on the corner! It was hard work, but there were lots of joy and laughter as we worked. Other neighbors walked away shaking their heads when told that we were ‘just helping out’. Another said the owner won the lottery, he better be grateful, the city was going to give them a BIG fine for not cleaning the lot. We are just pleased that we could take a few hours and make such a difference in the appearance of our neighborhood!

Join us in thanking God for willing workers who show their faith by their actions. Continue lifting up the church and leadership as we grow in number and wisdom.

*Wednesday, July 19, Luis Vera, one of our beloved church members and close friend went home to be with the Lord. Luis had been part of our lives for the last 14 years. We corrected, counseled, rejoiced and cried with him, as he gradually grew in the things of the Lord. Luis left this world filled with the Word, hope and expectation. We rejoice that he has completed his course and is now enjoying the presence of God! He will be missed.

Join us in lifting up the extended family. In his passing, regrets were expressed and hearts healed.

*Set times in the morning and afternoon of every Wednesday have been scheduled as times of prayer and fasting for the CEB Church. Pastor Bette is present during the afternoons sessions to pray with or counsel anyone that walks in off the street. Now, even unbelievers in the neighborhood are sending their friends and family for prayer! Pastor Bette shared that just last Wednesday 5-people stopped by for prayer or counseling and they all received Jesus before leaving.

Join us in praying for strength and wisdom for the ladies of Pastor Bette’s team that pray and minister to the many needy visitors.

**CFC Prison Ministry:

We had the privilege of attending the wedding of one of our Bible Institute teachers in the prison. Pastor Victor presided over the wedding of Benito and Mabel. It was a simple affair as weddings go, but the groom beamed and the bride was beautiful. Family, friends and fellow inmates gathered to witness the event and celebrate with finger foods and cake. In the distance, we could see a guard filming as the bride entered… the wedding probably made Facebook!

Join us in praying a blessing over the new couple. Also continue lifting up Oscar, our secretary, the Bible Institute classes and the Resurrection church. Pray that hearts and lives will continue to be changed as the Light of the Word is proclaimed in the prison.

We want to keep the following prayer requests before you to pray in agreement with us for abundant supply of funding needed for construction purposes. How many sq. ft. can you help with?

1. Phase 2 of flooring – finishing of sub-base for tiles – U$D 4,000 - $1.55/sq. ft.

2. Phase 3 of flooring – ceramic tile flooring installation – U$D 6,000 - $2.33/sq. ft.

3. Installation of electrical system and lighting – U$D 8,000 - $3.09/sq. ft.

4. Sound system upgrade – U$D 10,000.

Blessings – Jerry and Connie