November 2017

Greetings from Paraguay!
In October you all were enjoying the fall colors and cooler temperatures. In Paraguay it is the opposite… we enjoyed the spring colors and the last of the cool days! We, as a ministry and church body, thank God for this time of refreshing and new beginnings. We are expecting renewed strength and vision as we enter into the last months of the Year 2017. We are keeping our eyes focused on Jesus, exalting His Name… and, as the Word promises… we are expecting the church to grow as ‘men are drawn unto Him’! (John 12:32)
Psalms 122:6, AMP -- Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! May they prosper who love you [the Holy City]!
The first Sunday of October each year is a time when the local church here in Paraguay joins together with thousands of churches around the World in praying for the ‘PAZ DE JERUSALÉN’. This year was a special time here as the congregation joined together in this special time of intercession – no special guests, just the presence of the Holy Spirit. Also, the entire month of October, all undesignated offerings received during the Sunday morning services (loose cash) is sent to a worthy mission outreach for Israel – whether here in Paraguay or another part of the World. And yes, God’s Word is true – ‘those that pray for the peace of Jerusalem will (and do) prosper’!

**The Hola Club Children’s Hospital:
During the month of October, we visited the children’s hospital 3 times. We were able to minister to 254 children and adults during these visits. There were 110 parents and other adults that chose to pray the prayer of salvation with us.
*For several months we have been asking you to pray that God would rise up a second person to drive the Hola Club Team to the Children’s Hospital. I am so pleased to share that Celeste (a member of our Hola Club Team) has taken a drivers course and will be able share in the responsibility as driver. Since our Nissan is a standard shift instead of automatic, she had the joy of learning how to work the clutch without grinding the gears! Now with a few practice runs with the Nissan, she is ready to go… next challenge, learning to back the Nissan into the driveway!
We are still asking prayer for the completion of our prayer request… the need of a van or vehicle that is large enough to carry the Hola Club Team and our baskets. A second vehicle would help greatly with the usage scheduling and when there is a maintenance need with the Nissan.
Please join us in thanking Father God for his faithfulness. An ongoing request: pray for provision of a van or vehicle large enough to carry the HC Team and our baskets.

**CEB Church:
*As a couple, we had the privilege to teach a seminar called ‘ONE’, which prepares engaged couples for marriage with intense teachings. We can’t say enough about the value and importance of this eight-week seminar. (Lots of information that would have been a great benefit 50 years ago when we got married!) We started out with eight couples and finished with six. One couple has had their wedding and two more that are scheduled before the end of the year. What a variety of couples… one couple that has been engaged for 3 months, to another that had lived together for 20 years! The course touched on personal/individual lives for the first four weeks, challenging and bringing inter healing. The last four weeks dealt with areas of relationship between the couple and common sense things, such as finances.  Only one couple found that this wasn’t the time to marry, and decided to take a step back in their relationship.  During the celebration on the closing night of the seminar, each couple share things that they had learned or experienced during the time of the study… everyone present laughed and cried with them!
Recently, we receive a text from one of the couples, Alberto and Rosana: Alberto took a copy of one the chapters of the lessons that had ‘13-points in how a husband should treat his wife’. He proceeded to read aloud the 13-points to his fellow worker. After listening, the man told Albert that he needed to take some time off right at that moment to go home and apologize to his wife for his past conduct! Needless to say, Alberto was excited about how God had used him in his friend’s life.
Please join us in lifting up these couples in prayer as they prepare to ‘become one’. Marriage isn’t easy, but with the foundation in the Word of God, we are believing that they will stand and not become a victim to divorce.
*Here’s an exciting testimony… across from our ministry/church office, (which is about half a block from our church building), a ‘discoteca’ (open air nightclub) has opened. Starting about noon on Sunday afternoons, the loud music begins to BLAST, and continues until around midnight. Even though we can hear the music and commotion, our Sunday evening services haven’t been affected. (Sometimes hearing during the evening children’s classes, held in the office, can be difficult, but we manage.) One Sunday evening in October we had enjoyed our worship and praise time and as Pastor Victor was preaching, all of a sudden, a young man in his 30’s walked onto the property and stood listening just inside the open air church building. Pastor Victor stopped for a moment and invited the young man to join us, and continued his sermon. At the end of the service, Pastor Victor began talking with the young man named Richard. He said he had been at the ‘discoteca’ and stepped outside the gate to get a breath of fresh air. He said that something inside told him that he should go over to the church and listen. AND HE CAME! He shared that his wife was a Christian and his father-in-law a pastor, but he had turned his back upon God and the church. With tears of joy, we witnessed God gather-in a lost and suffering soul and restore him in His fold.
Join us in thanking God for the restoration of Richard, and that God will give him the strength to continue his walk with Jesus. Pray that others attending the discotic will be drawn to the church services and be set free. This is a direct answer to prayers asking that people will be drawn off the street, into the church!
**CFC Prison Ministry:
*A big named South American drug trafficker has been serving time for the last 8-years in the same location as our ministry in the prison. Due to the rumors of a planned prison break, the last few weeks at the prison have been tense. Oscar is keeping Pastor Victor informed, but he has recommended that the men not come to minister in the prison for a time. He reports that the Bible Institute classes and Resurrection Church services are continuing as normal, but with much diligence.
Please pray for the safety of the men and the guards as this dangerous threat continues. Pray that this infamous prisoner can be transferred to Brazil to face the charges against him there, without death and destruction in Paraguay.
*We would like to take this opportunity to honor Pastor Beatriz Centrón de Sosa. Pastor Bette is a member of our Staff, serving as the Pastoral Care Pastor for 8-years. She studied and attended university classes in her spare time for 7-years, majoring in psychology. This October she presented her Thesis on the topic of ‘Mourning’, in which she was able to make reference to God and His Word when asked. The committee of Judges was so moved by her presentation, they were in tears and asked questions and expressed their surprise… this was the first time anyone had presented this topic. Pastor Bette not only received her license/title, she was awarded the highest student grade. We consider Pastor Bette as one of our most valuable employees; a woman with a servant’s heart that loves God with all of her being.
Join us in thanking God for this precious woman and that many more lives will be touched by her love and wisdom. Pray protection for her and her family.

On Wednesday, November 15, we will be traveling to Denver via Panama City, Panama and Los Angeles, CA. Agree with us for safe travels, that all connections go without any problem and that our baggage arrives with us. Trust we will see you this trip to the ‘good ole USA’.
Blessings – Jerry and Connie